How To Prepare For A Winter Construction Site

The weather will soon begin to change from summer into autumn and then into the cold depths of winter. Working in construction, you’ll be aware of the challenges this brings to a site and the contractors working on it. It is vital that the correct measures are put in place to ensure that construction continues apace and with the utmost safety in mind. This should include provisions to keep your staff and contractors safe, alongside best use and safety of equipment and machinery. The latter is where the best plant hire companies come into their own, supporting your project with exactly what you need, when you need it.

In some countries, winters are long, dark, and cold. In the UK, there might not always be blankets of snow, but when it does arrive it tends to slow everything down, bringing the entire country to gridlock for a few days at a time. Add to that the constant wind and rain, and it is important that a construction site is prepared for all eventualities.

Here are some tips for planning a construction site during winter:

Be prepared for snow and ice

Winter is when the snow and ice arrives, and this can be treacherous for any construction site. Black ice can cause accidents involving contractors and machinery, whilst a build-up of snow can cause delays to tasks. If snow is on the way, or has arrived overnight, grit the walkways and access points, or clear away any snow that has already landed. This helps keep the site safe to navigate around during the upcoming day.

Store items away safely

There are loads of different pieces of equipment and materials on a construction site at any given moment. You want to store these items away safely all year round, but especially during winter when wind, rain, and ice can cause damage to the goods. Whether you choose secure storage facilities on site or look to hire safe storage off site but close to your location, it will help to keep equipment and materials dry, safe, and in working order for the next day of work.

Improve safety processes

One of the best ways to improve safety all around on site, during winter and the rest of the year, is to partner up with a plant lease company that furnishes your project with the latest models of plant equipment and machinery. This means you’ll have the best safety features, the best handbooks and training from specialists, and if you choose operated plant hire, the highest trained individuals operating on site during tricky winter conditions. When you place this alongside your other safety measures, it brings peace of mind even during the harshest of winters.

Maintenance and repair

Plant hire companies will also provide you with equipment and machinery that has been thoroughly maintained, looked at, and repaired, if necessary, between each hire. This helps to improve safety standards and reduces the risk of breakdowns and accidents. This is crucial on a winter construction site where the elements play a bigger challenge.

Working with plant lease companies that you trust is one of the best ways to put together a solid plan of action to prepare your construction site for winter. Always be prepared for snow, ice, and bad weather, protect your equipment and materials from the elements, keep your staff warmed and trained, and hire the right type of machinery to fit your safety standards and protocols.