Negotiating with IRS – Keep In Mind These Tips

One of the essential things to do when it comes to dealing with the IRS is presenting evidence or legal authority to support a client’s position.  Negotiation is a significant part of it. Negotiating becomes more crucial when dealing with the IRS because there may be gaps in the documentation or ambiguities in the legislation. You can learn more here.

The broad negotiation advice that follows should increase your chances of success while dealing with the IRS:

  • Be ready always when dealing with the IRS.
  • While it is important to be truthful with the information you provide to the IRS, it is also a must to control what you share. Always have this mindset – the IRS will make an effort to gather as much data as possible that can be later on use against you.
  • Do not initiate to give information unless it will be beneficial for you.
  • Avoid giving up too quickly.
  • End the meeting and do not hesitate to reschedule it if you feel like the meeting is getting out of hand.
  • If you are dealing with the IRS, always have a positive attitude. Keep your composure and be unfazed at all times for greater results.
  • Control the meeting at all times.
  • Give the IRS the taxpayer’s information and make use of it for the taxpayer’s advantage.

It’s almost always possible to come to an agreement, even with the IRS. In general, face-to-face negotiations are more successful than phone conversations. Therefore, it is wise to schedule a meeting with the IRS representative at all times. As you can see, negotiating with the IRS is always possible but you need to plan ahead to ensure that things will work to your advantage. If you are unsure of the steps to take, it would be best to consult an expert in IRS negotiation.