Use Reply’s LinkedIn Email Extractor to Find Email LinkedIn and Grow Your Outreach

Today, you will hardly find a specialist or a growing business without a LinkedIn account that allows them to leverage all the unique opportunities this professional networking platform offers. With over 830 million users and 58 million registered companies, this proactive social network is a goldmine when it comes to looking for potential customers to include in your next cold sales email campaign.

But how exactly do you tap into the infinite prospecting potential of LinkedIn without having to do all the work manually and risking making mistakes? You do that by using LinkedIn email extractor tools such as!

What Is a LinkedIn email extractor?

LinkedIn email extractors are standalone software applications or Chrome browser extensions designed to extract email addresses and other related and relevant information from LinkedIn. While the user is still required to identify and manually pick LinkedIn profiles they want to be scraped for this kind of data, the extractor does the rest of the work automatically: pulls out an email address, logs it, and delivers it to the end stakeholder who can then use it for an outreach campaign.

LinkedIn-specific email extractors help salespeople bypass the restrictions and limitations set up by the platform and skip the buggy LinkedIn InMail system in favor of an email service of choice.

Why Use Reply’s LinkedIn Email Finder and Outreach extension? is an excellent tool for when you need to find email LinkedIn. This simple but powerful software program can be downloaded as a Chrome extension and is completely free to use. Reply’s LinkedIn Email Finder simplifies your LinkedIn email search and uses sequences to automate your cold sales outreach. Once you have the needed address, you can set up Reply to automatically reach out to your new prospect via LinkedIn messages, personal/corporate emails, or phone.

Another much-needed functionality of Reply’s email finder is its auto-verification feature. The tool performs a thorough email verification before forwarding the information to you to ensure that the contact is a valid email address that belongs to the right person.

Here is how to start using this fantastic and free tool:

  1. Visit the official website and install the plugin following the instructions by the Chrome Web store.
  2. Use LinkedIn to look for prospects who can benefit from your offer.
  3. Have the extension discover their email addresses automatically.

Now, all that is left is for you to reach out to the new contacts and try to turn them into sales!