Ways to Increase Your Productivity with Equipment

Are you having trouble scouting skilled labour? You can increase your productivity without adding any more resources to the payroll.

Finding reliable resources is a difficult job these days due to labor shortages. Not everyone wants to or can increase their labour number.

If not by increasing employee numbers, there are other ways to increase your company’s productivity without adding any employee number.

Here are four ways which you can apply to increase your productivity with bobcat dealers.

  • Dig accurately

With the bobcat depth check system, you can make more productive use of time.

With the system, you can determine the accurate desired digging depth & go.

You can analyse the desired depth on the in-cab display through the monitor function.

Inform your dealer to unleash the depth check system on your trenching site. This will increase your productivity. 

  • Rely on your local dealership

Your project is right in the middle of the crunch time season. You can add a dealer to your payroll or simply sign up for a protection & maintenance program.

The trained service technicians the Bobcat dealers provide will help you maintain your machine.

Genuine parts & proactively scheduled service to keep your equipment durable and functioning.

  • Diversify your machine fleet

Adding another machine or fleet can work if you want to increase your productivity.

Instead of adding a member to your crew, diversifying your fleet number can help you reach the goal.

If buying new is not ideal for your budget, your dealer can offer your machine rental, leasing and financing program services.

  • Use a telematic system

A telematic system can help you monitor & manage your fleet.

You can track and address maintenance & service issues through the system.

The system can help you track locations & distribution, capture stats on machine efficiency and get immediate notifications if the equipment is misused.

These functions can help you reduce downtime, run multiple machines and don’t miss out on any deadline.

Final Comment

Find local bobcat dealers that can help you find the best solutions for your fleet.

You can manage your company’s productivity with professional dealers at Bobcat Southwest.