What Is Economiser And How Does It Help Maximise Productivity?

Boiler economizers are heat exchangers mounted on a boiler’s flue. Its purpose is to recycle wasted thermal energy. The economizer is used to warm the water fed into the boiler by transferring heat from the flue gases. Decreasing the fuel used to heat the water can save money and energy.

Economizer system installation (ติดตั้งระบบ อีโคโนไมเซอร์, which is the term in Thai) is a great way to cut costs on your energy bill. They can save as much as 20% on gas mileage. A considerable amount may reduce energy costs as a result of this. Since economizers decrease fuel consumption, they also help cut down on pollution.

How Does Economizer Help Maximise Productivity

The focus of building managers has shifted in recent years towards cost savings and energy efficiency. A contemporary, well-adjusted economizer has various benefits for large commercial buildings:

Enhanced Airflow

One can install special sensors in economizers to measure the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air, which rises as the number of people in a particular area grows. Above a specific limit, the economizer unlocks to let in more fresh air from the outside.

Simple To Setup

An economizer may already be a part of the HVAC system. But a pro can quickly put in an economizer on your system.  Economizers, fortunately, are not difficult to set up, and they don’t take up a lot of room because of their moderate size. There needs to be more mechanical or structural work involved in installing an economizer.

Saving Money On Energy

Using an economizer is a great way to reduce overall energy expenditures. It’s financially beneficial to delay turning on the air conditioner for as long as possible. It is feasible to reduce annual electricity bills by 10% or more with regular maintenance.

Increasing The Service Life Of Other Devices

If you install an economizer, your compressor will sit idle for hundreds, if not thousands, of hours yearly. It extends the time until costly replacements are necessary by decreasing the amount of wear and tear on the outside components.

How Can I Identify An Economiser?

It might be difficult for a building owner or management to tell if they have an economizer installed and whether or not it is functioning correctly. If you’re interested in learning more about how an economizer can reduce your energy bills, lengthen the life of your system, and enhance the air quality in your home, call the economizer system installation service.