Simplifying Screens: A Guide to Basic Digital Decluttering

So what is digital clutter? In simple terms, digital clutter refers to the disorderliness of a device, be it a smartphone, computer, or tablet. This lack of organization not only hampers the device’s performance but also causes inconvenience to the user, given that the surplus information is often challenging to navigate. The manifestations of digital clutter are diverse, ranging from a crowded email inbox to a desktop overloaded with icons or unused apps that linger for years. Studies indicate that the accumulation of digital information, coupled with the stress of constant sorting, can induce anxiety on par with other types of disarray.

Fortunately, there exist numerous methods for digital decluttering. A practical starting point is leveraging services or tools specifically designed to simplify this process. For instance, utilizing a cloud-based storage service to back up and manage essential files enables one to purge data from the device without forfeiting the information.

Another approach is the direct removal or clearing of unwanted elements. Various web browsers offer functions such as “Clear Browsing Data” and “Clear History,” which, when activated, eliminate unnecessary data. Regularly deleting the browser’s cache and cookies is also beneficial. Additionally, uninstalling unused apps, including the preloaded ones that accompanied the device and those no longer in use, contributes to decluttering.

One commonly problematic area is email inboxes, where numerous read and unread emails occupy space and create issues. A swift method to clear a cluttered inbox is selecting all messages and utilizing the “Archive” function. Creating folders or labels for incoming emails facilitates sorting upon arrival, simplifying the decision to either save or delete them. Finally, unsubscribing from services, organizations, and other sources no longer in use minimizes incoming emails and potential clutter in the future.

Written by Great Plains Communication, a fiber internet company