How To Prepare Your Bike For Cycling Events In Singapore

Cycling Events In Singapore

Recent years have seen a rise in the popularity of cycling events in Singapore among fitness enthusiasts, drawing bikers from all over the world. All ages and genders are welcome at these activities.

Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a novice, getting your bike ready for these events is a must, if not a rule, to ensure your safety and best performance.

The following advice will help you tune up and get ready for cycling events in Singapore:

  1. Verify that the brakes and gears are in good operating order.

There are two most common brake systems for bicycles: callipers and hydraulic brake systems. Depending on the brake system you have, you must ensure they are working properly before the race. You can go to a bike servicing shop in Singapore for help.

Meanwhile, make sure your gears are working fine, too. Try riding your bike and shifting the gears several times. If there are issues, get them checked immediately.

  1. Inflate the tires and ensure no holes

Wheels are crucial in providing a fast and comfortable ride for cyclists. Flat tires not only make your ride uncomfortable, but they can also damage the rim of your wheels in the long run.

Before the event, make sure your tire is at its optimum pressure. Inflate the wheels if needed. Soft tires slow down and make your ride bumpier. Hence

  1. Lubricate your bicycle chains

A rusty chain can cause complications amid the cycling event. It can get stuck or be detached from the sprocket. When this scenario happens, it can cause an accident and injuries.

Lubricating your chain reduces accidents. It also gives you a smooth ride. You can find bicycle chain lubricant from a Singapore bike accessories shop.

  1. Conduct an overall bicycle inspection

Give your bicycle a bath and final inspection before the cycling event. Make sure to clean the bicycle frame, shock, wheels, seat, saddle and handlebars. Make sure the hazard lights and reflectors are working properly.

Inspect the bike for any cracks, unusual sounds, dents, or other signs of damage. If you find any problems, get them fixed before the event to ensure a safe and high-performance ride. If not, don’t join the event, or the risk of injury and accident is high.

  1. Adjust saddle and handlebars.

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It is impossible to manoeuvre a bicycle with a saddle and handlebars unless you are a circus performer. But for a cycling event, your saddle and handlebars must be adjusted properly.

Ensure that your saddle is at the right height; they should not be too tight or too loose. Unless you are riding a BMX bike, your handlebars should be tight as well. It should complement your arm’s length and not slide downwards when you put your weight on it. You can contact your bike servicing in Singapore for adjustments.

  1. Bring your vulcanising kit 

Anything can happen while you are on the road, so bringing a repair kit is essential for any cycling event. It allows you to troubleshoot any unexpected problems that may arise during the event.

A basic vulcanising kit should have a spare interior tube, tire levers, crank puller, tire cold patch, and portable air pump. Make sure to pack these items in a small, easily accessible bag that you can attach to your bike

Never go on the road without getting your bicycle checked. A simple tuning can reduce the risk of injuries and accidents during a cycling event in Singapore.

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