Things to consider before weighbridge installation

Assess your Weighbridge needs

In today’s market, various weighbridges such as portable, rail, and commercial weighbridges are known to serve myriad purposes and industries.

Pit-mounted weighbridges have weighing equipment and a platform located below ground on a level platform. Pit weighbridges are more expensive as they require civil and foundation work.

Weighbridges mounted on surfaces have their equipment located below the ramp that leads to the surface for weighing. The above-ground weighbridges can take up a considerable amount of site space due to ramps and turning circles. Depending on your requirements, Trakblaze can customise a weighbridge for you.

Dimensions and location

Generally, weighbridges are much longer than what is actually needed; the wheelbase of the vehicle is what matters, as opposed to its entire length.

Overhead power lines can complicate the installation of your chosen weighbridge. Health and safety should always be prioritized, particularly since accidents involving vehicles are a major concern. Weighbridges shouldn’t be installed near pedestrian areas. In case they’re near an entrance or exit, they should be placed far enough away from traffic queues.

Specs of the vehicle

The size of the vehicle weighing system that you need depends on whether you are weighing large trucks filled with ore or smaller vehicles. Weighbridges with a single deck are usually the best choice for vehicles between 18 – 20 meters long. Weighbridges with multiple decks or double decks, however, are better suited to the weighing of longer trucks and trailers. You would also do well to consider what your future business needs may be so you don’t outgrow your commercial weighbridge.


Whether it’s a portable weighbridge or rail weighbridge, or any other kind, it is a big investment to make. Weighbridge companies should give you warranties that guarantee the functionality of your weighbridge. By doing so, you will have peace of mind that your weighbridge supplier is confident in their products.

If your current supplier doesn’t offer a warranty, consider finding another, otherwise you might end up paying expensive repair bills that could seriously hurt your business. Any calibration work should also come with a warranty.

Tests and calibrations

Calibration helps you ensure that the weight displayed by your weighbridge accurately matches the weight of what is being weighed. If possible, you should have your weighbridge calibrated by the same company that supplied it to you. Regardless of your weighbridge’s model, they will have the experience necessary to calibrate it perfectly. If you want to ensure the coverage of all bases, we recommend seeking expert advice from a supplier like Trakblaze.

Reputation of Supplier

When buying a weighbridge, the importance of after-sales support cannot be overstated. In essence, weighbridges are huge precision instruments, and investing in a reliable product is essential. It is also a good idea to have backup support and assistance when your weighbridge needs repairs, maintenance, or technical help.

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