BTCC vs CoinJar:Which One is Better?

Digital assets has witnessed fast development over the past years, causing more and more individuals and institutional investment join this emerging financial sector. The simplest and best way to get exposure to cryto asset is open an account at an reliable exchange. However, sometimes, it can be overwhelming to navigate all kinds of crypto exchanges and pick the best one according to one’s preference and demands.

Cryptocurrency exchange overview

BTCC: as one of the longest-serving exchanges in the world, BTCC has strong presence globally. With businesses operating in more than 100 countries and regions with more than 6 million registered users, BTCC is a reliable choice for crypto investors.

CoinJar: established in 2013, CoinJar is an Australian-based cryptocurrency exchange. With a mission of making it as simple and secure as possible for people to invest in the cryptocurrency future, CoinJar is user-friendly and could be the perfect starting point for inexperienced investors.

 BTCC vs.CoinJar

Next, this article will explore and compare BTCC and CoinJar, two exchanges with over decade-long history, from major metrics, including supported cryptocurrencies, fees, security, features, customer services, service scope and easy of use, thus assisting you to pick the best exchange for your need.

BTCC vs.CoinJar
BTCC CoinJar
Supported Cryptocurrencies 300+ Only 50+
Fees Compared with other major crypto exchanges, the fees charged by BTCC is relative low, such as only charging 0.06% for both takers and makers Compared with other major exchanges, CoinJar charges relative low fees, such as zero deposit or withdrawal fees in selected fiat currencies, takers and maker fees ranging from 0.02% to 0.1%
Security Industry-leading security, with no reported hacks or security breaches to date High security as it employs sevral measures like multi-level data encryption, ongoing security audits and institutional-grade organisation security
Features Provide a large number of service, including spot trading, futures trading, and mining pools Compared to other exchanges, CoinJar’s feature set is limited, providing fewer coins and less advanced trading options
Customer Service Offer 24/7 excellent customer service via email and live chat, provide demo trading and rich learn resource for newcomers There are still room for improvement in terms of customer service, due to its absence of investment advice or demo accounts, limiting educational resources for users
Service Scope Offer service in more than 100 countries and regions with more than 6 million registered users Offer service to 600,000+ customers, CoinJar is only available to investors in the United Kingdom and Australia
Ease of Use Intuitive interface, easy for both newcomers and experienced traders Offer a beginner-friendly interface tailored to newcomers in the crypto space, but the platform may not cater to the needs of seasoned traders looking for advanced features


For novice traders, both exchanges are suitable as both they are user-friendly. However, in terms o fother majors metrics, like supported coins, advanced Ethereum Leverage Trading features, service scope, etc., BTCC is certainly the winner. Especially for seasoned investors, BTCC is a better choice.