How to Start Selling on eBay?

You will find many e-commerce websites but only some can maintain to be on the top. eBay is among one of them. If you want to sell on an e-commerce site then eBay should be on your list.

For over two decades, eBay was one of the first marketplaces where people used to buy and sell products. It gets over 100 million visitors per month and selling your product on this platform has a massive opportunity to get your products in front of a huge number of potential buyers. To be a seller here, you must know how to start selling. Continue reading to know the same.

Create an eBay account

For selling any e-commerce website you must create your eBay account first. You get two options of a personal account or a business account. Personal account and business accounts are for separate purposes. One is for casual selling and other is for selling huge amounts of products in bulk. As the payout has been initiated, it would take 1-3 business days to hit your checking account.  

For the business account you can use your legal business name and customise your account to better align with your brands. You need to fill out a couple of forms to sign up for an eBay business account on its official website.

List your products

Did you know there are 1.5 billion listings on eBay. Once you have logged in to your eBay business account and started listing your products, it is important to make them noticed by the customers.

So, for your listing to stand out, describe your item in as much detail as possible. Follow these steps for listing your products:

  1. A proper and high-quality image of your products is highly recommended. Photos should be 800px in width.
  2. Describe well all the essential information of your product such as key features and benefits.
  3. Your product is used or unused that should be clearly mentioned with your product,

Shipping detail

Providing accurate shipping details is very necessary for the buyers, you need to select the type of shipping you offer.

  1. Flat ( same shipping fee for all buyers)
  2. Calculated ( based on buyer location)
  3. Freight ( products that weigh more than 150 pounds)
  4. Pick up only

You need to provide the address from where you ship the products is very important.

Receive payments

eBay pays you via your link checking account. Once you shipped your product eBay will deduct the selling fees and put the remaining amount in your account as proceeding funds. It will take a business day for the money to show up as Available for Payout from there and then two business days to initiate the payout. As the payout has been initiated, it would take 1-3 business days to hit your checking account.

If you successfully provide all the necessary information about your business and product on eBay you are all set to go for selling. Now you only need to maintain good service to your customer to get a good reputation. But when eBay sales are slow for your product it may affect your rating as well.