Let’s talk a little about Nan Chul Shin Success Story

Today, Nan, Inc’s owner is a well-known Hawaii personality known for her successful stories in various building fields. Having completed over 2500 construction projects in pre-construction, general contracting, and design-build, Nan Inc’s Nan Chul Shin has gone international. The Nan Inc. construction company’s owner was named Nan Chul Shin in South Korea, but when he moved to the U.S., he decided to change his name to Patrick Shin in order to blend in with his new culture. The first couple construction projects were really small, but Nan Chul Shin decided to tackle it all with lots of passion and drive.

Patrick Shin, founder of Nan Inc had to love construction so much that he decided to get into it after working there. Without help from his community, Patrick Shin would have never been able to create a business as big as his. He started giving back to a lot of charities, even starting a few himself. Today, Nan Inc owner Patrick Shin is also a leader of charities, having donated much to noble causes like hospitals, schools, food banks, health care trusts, cancer societies, and orphanages all over Hawaii. 

Nan Chul Shin spent the next couple years in Hawaii working at a construction company before leaving to start his own. Within thirty years, Patrick Shin was able to turn Nan Inc. into one of the more successful construction companies, with nearly 600 employees and a quarterly income of $136 million. Nan Inc was started nearly two decades ago by the owner of the company, and the business has slowly made strides in the construction industry and gained the reputation as a devoted construction company ever since. Patrick Nan-shin is not just a well-known name of Hawaii’s building industry, he has also gained much acclaim for his social activism. 

His dedication to giving back to his community is evident through his ongoing support and partnerships with local communities, as well as with other groups around the world. Patricks Nan-shin roots are still planted deeply in the Hawaii culture, and he leaves no opportunity unturned in serving his community. Through the charitable activities and philanthropic activities that Patrick Nan Shin has done, Nan Chun Shin has exemplified being a real giver, as well as encouraging his employees to become an active supporter for all social causes, in order to be able to contribute towards the betterment of the world. Then, finally, one beautiful day in the year 1999, hard work paid off as he was placed in a list of well-known contractors in Hawaii, and he has not looked back since. If you still are not satisfied and want to read more then must visit all you need to know about Nan Chul Shin here.