The Love Spread in Tarot Reveals a Lot about the Relationship

Some people advocate tarot card started in 1391and from the 15th Century, its popularity spread throughout Europe. The pack consisted of four suits starting from number one to ten with an additional card of the king, queen, page, and knight. From 1781 mystics and occultists came to know the deeper meaning of face cards. Surprisingly when the inferno engulfed the entire Egyptian library, tarot cards were untouched by the flames. Modern tarot cards consist of seventy-eight cards categorized into two segments; trump cards twenty-one and fool) and four suits of fourteen cards, each known as swords, coins, lovers, and cups.

Major and Minor Arcana

Tarot card readers segment the cards into two forms, major and minor Arcana. The purpose of tarot card reading is not to predict the future but to support the person to take the proper steps according to the given situation. You can perform two types of open and question readings during a tarot reading. Open reading is about a more significant aspect of life, not concentrating on any specific issue. It tells about a new chapter that will happen in your life. On the other hand, in question reading, a particular question is answered. The card does not say what is right or wrong; it guides the correct course of action.

Shape your questions 

Before you perform a free online tarot reading:

  1. Formulate your questions carefully.
  2. Try to be calm while drawing the cards, and let your intuition reign during the session.
  3. Shuffle the cards enough and draw the required number from the deck. If you are unsure about a relationship, tarot reading is a great platform to find the answer.

It helps you plunge deep to find the answer and know how the lover feels about you and the ongoing connection. It reveals the truth of the romantic relationship. 

Love spread

While drawing the tarot cards, note which one popped up; this will exhibit how the relationship evolved and the pattern it is trying to unfold. Do not let stress and anxiety engulf your mind, be calm while selecting the cards. The usual three-card love spread shows the past, present, and future of the connection between you and the lover. The first card represents the feeling you bear at that moment, and the second card depicts your energy level and how it impacts the relationship. The last tarot card shows how the relationship will evolve and the course of it.

Relationship Spread

The relationship spread in free online tarot reading tells you how to spice up the existing association. The Celtic cross depicts the feeling of the lover regarding the relationship and how you feel about it. It suggests ways to improve the connection and what to do to achieve it.