How to Obtain Your ITN Number for Importing a Car?

Importing a car can be intimidating. With increased scams and swindles, it is natural to feel anxious about the whole procedure. However; with a few tools at hand; you can ensure you import your dream car conveniently. One such tool is the ITN number. 

 ITN number plays an essential role in the exporting merchandise. It signifies that filing of FTR has been done accurately. It additionally serves as a verification code to ensure the process of export is carried out smoothly without hindrances.

Obtaining ITN, however, can be mildly challenging. 

Below are mentioned 3 steps that will guide you through the process of obtaining an ITN number for importing a car. Let this serve as a checklist for you! 

1] Contact a customs broker 

Contact a customs broker and let them know you are interested in importing a vehicle. They will request for certain paperwork relevant to the vehicle you wish to import and what purpose you will use it for. 

Depending on the purpose of the import, the documents required will differ. For instance, if you are importing a car from a private sale for personal utility you will be asked to produce a bill of sale, copy of the vehicle’s title (front and back), A copy of the importer’s passport and a copy of the importer’s driver’s licence. 

Several other conditions like buying your vehicle from a dealer for personal use, buying your vehicle from a dealer for business, buying your vehicle from an individual for business or resale will call for different sets of documents. 

2] Declare your crossing information 

Keep the customs broker well informed of the crossing of your vehicle. Include details of port crossing, the exact date when you wish to cross, the carrier company’s details like contact information, name etc. 

3] Wait 72 hours 

Ideally, the customs broker will submit the paperwork after a rigorous check to the US customs. Post this, within a duration of 72 hours, you will receive your ITN number through email or phone. The number will have 6 digits succeeding the year, month, and day of acceptance. 

After receiving the ITN you can choose to either proceed further with the customs broker or self-declare the vehicle. It is important to keep the customs broker informed of any modifications before the crossing so they can ensure the necessary changes are noted.