Use Custom logo Mats to Display Advertising

Your brand name is key to attracting customers and generating interest in your company and products. The natural traffic patterns of custom logo mats displaying your brand will let new customers know about your products. Why is custom logo matting so appealing for your business?

Building Brand awareness

Informing your ideal customer about you is the first step to creating a brand around it. A variety of advertising methods can be used to raise awareness. Positive brand perception is a good thing. Custom logo mats are a great tool to get started. The more positive your brand visibility, the more likely your target market will be to buy your product.

Increasing Your Sales

Custom logo mats will be a good way to make people aware of your brand. Even if you don’t sell the products at the time, research has shown that people will feel more comfortable buying from brands that have been mentioned or seen before. Custom logo Mats offer subtle awareness to consumers so that when they need what you are selling, they will always remember you.

A Positive Initial Impression

You can use custom logo mats to create a memorable first impression. A well-designed, bright logo will encourage people to visit your business and give them a positive impression. If you have a lighter-colored logo and wish to avoid dirt and water ruining your logo, consider placing an extra mat outside your entrance so visitors can wipe their shoes or rub them on it before entering.

Do You Need Custom-Made Floor Mats For Your Business?

Your business’s flooring, such as mats and rugs, might differ from what you first think of when you wish to increase sales. It will surprise you to discover that floor mats have the potential to be one of your most powerful marketing tools. 

What Are Custom-Made Floor Mats?

Custom floormats are mats with a company logo or other distinguishing symbol. Walk-offs are commercial-grade durable mats that capture water, grime, dust, and dirt from people’s shoes at their entry points. A walk-off carpet is placed below someone’s feet when they enter a building such as a hospital and an auto body shop, showroom, or office.

Reasons to Purchase Custom Floor Mats

Dust Monitor

Dust can get into a building at a couple of pounds per hour on a hot and dry day. The custom floor mats made by Lord Baltimore Uniform Rental can trap 80% to 90% of the dirt that passes through a building daily. People can breathe easier, stay healthier, and have a better quality of life.


You can use a regular mat with a solid color, or you can make a logo mat. With your beautifully-imprinted company logo on the mat right as visitors walk in, people immediately know where they are and what your company is all about.

Increase Sales

Your company will reap the benefits of your brand’s positive image and increased sales. When people see your branding, their attention will be drawn to it, and they may be more inclined to purchase from you. The custom mats can direct customers toward a particular product or section in a store.