Your Preparation Guide To Move With Professional Movers

Moving to a new place is exciting; however, the packing that goes with it is not as joyful as you think. Relocating can be intimidating to first-time movers. In the rush of boxing up things, it is natural to forget a few things for actual movers. However, there are some things that you need to plan for your movers. You don’t want to wait until the last minute to remember things like tipping the movers or preparing crates for your pets.

For your ease of work, we have shortlisted a few points that prepare you for your professional movers:

  • Box up your things: Unless and until your movers and storage companies provide the packing service, it will be up to you to pack your things properly in separate boxes before your movers arrive. To achieve this, you must categorize your items and arrange them in separate packages. You will need different sizes of boxes, foam sheets, bubble wraps for your fragile items, etc. In the end, make sure to label your boxes accordingly.
  • Secure a parking spot for movers: This is the most important thing many overlook. Your packed items are loaded in a big vehicle, which for sure needs a good parking space for a few hours to load your items onto the vehicle. To avoid this unrest at the last moment, secure a parking spot a day before moving. Many movers in Phoenix have faced this problem, so ensure to avoid this problem.
  • Make sure your furniture fits through the door: Your movers are unaware of your new house. So it is your responsibility to give a heads up to your movers whether your furniture fits through your new house door or any other problem related to your new house. This will provide time for the movers to plan accordingly.
  • Keep a babysitter hired for your children: Babysitting a toddler during the time of your moving can be a challenging task. There are chances that your baby might get hurt. So it is better to hire a babysitter for your toddlers.
  • Keep your pets in crates: Similarly, keeping your pet on the loose is not a good idea during your moving day. As the shifting requires the door to remain open, there are chances that your pet can get lost. To prevent this from happening, you can keep your pet in crates before the movers arrive.
  • Have cash available for tipping: Giving a tip to the movers is not an essential point; however, if you think that your movers have done their job faithfully and efficiently, you can always tip them. It is a way of appreciation that makes them happy and valued.

Shifting to a new place can make you feel overwhelmed. As a first-timer, one can face various difficulties while relocating, even if you have a helping hand from professional movers. Therefore, the above-mentioned point’s help you to be prepared with the necessary things that can be taken into consideration before your movers arrive. Else, you can glance at Mayflower moving reviews which will provide you with real experiences.